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Our milestone-based system keeps developers on track and keeps gamers playing.

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If a game is not completed, get your money back.

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If a game is not completed or if the development is excessively delayed, you can request a refund without any time limit or restrictions!

Keeping Developers
on Target

Our milestone-based system is what sets us above others. We help developers to provide you with functioning and punctual releases.

Only the
Sharpest Swords

All games and developers will be selected by our team before they are added to our marketplace to ensure the best experience for you.

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We buy and sell early access games in a fair environment to make awesome games emerge. Full transparency so no smoke bombs here.

We keep developers on track and your investment safe.

EarlyNinja's approach is a cycle that involves both the developer and the player, all managed by a system of milestones.
This cycle repeats until the last milestone is reached and the game is released in its completed version and verified by EarlyNinja.

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